Professional Pet Sitters: Why It Matters

Pet Sitters International

This from Holly Cook, former Pet Sitter of the Year and owner of Special Pet Care Services:

“The pet sitting industry is growing rapidly as more and more caring pet owners are looking to in-home care for their pets. With pet sitting being relatively new to many people, I feel it is important to get the word out about pet sitting. Pet Sitters International is a great resource for clients and pet sitters.  PSI encourages it’s members to be insured, bonded and professional. This lends credibility to our profession. Every year PSI names a Pet Sitter of the Year and in 2004 I was awarded the honor. I also serve on PSI’s Ambassador Bureau for the State of Michigan. In addition, PSI has a strict code of Quality Standards they encourage their members to adhere to. Pet sitters are generally caring professionals who have the best interest of the pet at heart. Most volunteer with some charitable organization to help homeless pets. “

One response to “Professional Pet Sitters: Why It Matters

  1. Always make sure you find a professional sitter to care for your pets when you travel…they know what to do in an emergency. Four weeks ago you wouldn’t have imagined that the high-end, name-brand food you left for your neighbor to feed to your furry ones could make them sick. Without someone concentrating on the care and well-being of YOUR pets and not other distractions emergencies are sometimes over looked until its too late.


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