bonepool.jpgIs a bone-shaped, plastic pool for dogs (manufactured by One Dog One Bone Enterprises) really worthy of Pet Age Magazine’s Pinnacle Award?  This is the annual accolade for best new pet product as derived from how many readers of the magazine requested more information when they circled those little numbers on the reader service reply cards. 

Now, I’m all for giving our canine friends a cool place to play on a hot summer day. In fact, my own dogs have their very own wading pool during the summer and love playing and drinking from it all day long.  But, is this item really worthy of “PET PRODUCT OF THE YEAR”?  Maybe.  Then again, maybe not — and here’s the kicker:  It costs $160!  That’s right —- not $16, but ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS.


Now, I don’t know about you, but the kiddie reject pool I bought at Toys R Us for about $29 seemed to go over with the dogs in the neighborhood just fine.  Yes, it was merely round-shaped with pictures of dolphins dancing like the Rockettes on the bottom, but it held water, emptied easy (it had a little plug you could pull) and did the job just fine.

Now, I realize that no dog ever bought a pet product and that all pet supplies are marketed to the creatures with the opposable thumbs and credit cards — but is this item worth it from a retailer’s point of view?  Assuming a 100% mark-up, should a store be tieing up $80 in each bone-shaped pool waiting for someone to plunk down the $160?  Or should they carry a bunch of cheap-o kiddie pools and bundle them with floatable water toys, balls and dog towels?  I think this winner was all wet.  Thoughts?

9 responses to “PET PRODUCT OF THE YEAR

  1. Have you even seen the product? Felt the product?
    So what you are saying is…. you are happy with a cheap, flimsy, chewable product for your pet and you think that the rest the world should settle for the same type of inadequate product. The bone pool is sturdy, non chewable, and does not collapse as the cheap alternative you speak of. The bone pool allows for our furry friends to enjoy their water fun and cool down on those warm days in which they suffer more than we, due to their fur coating.
    I think that this definately deserves product of the year and hope that many many more dog lovers see the need for this product in their home and their business. Way to go Bone Pool!!!!

  2. Thanks for posting! Actually, I was discussing it strictly from the retailers standpoint as a business decision more than from a consumer’s viewpoint. Anybody out there actually carrying this product or selling it? I’d love to hear from you. -gene

  3. The pool is actually listed @ $340.00 on the website which is absurd. Granted it certainly is more durable the price is outrageous. I owened & operated a dog day care for years and was always looking for products that could stand up to the tough conditions, feed stores have a similar product, not in the bone shape of course, for less than half the cost.

  4. I saw that! That’s new (the price increase) because when I saw it in the magazine it was “only” $160. As you can probably tell already, I think it’s crazy to pay that much! You could buy 10 less durable pools for that kind of money.

  5. I bought 3 of these for my business 1 year ago for $125 each- they are great, however that being said they are not indestructable. I only have 1 left that doesn’t have a hole in it. The other 2 I’ve repaired several times with a fiberglass kit. These pools crack very easy, and if a dog stands on the pool when it’s upside down it will break. Great idea, Great Pool, Great marketing but not worth the huge price.

  6. First of all, thank you for this opportunity to address my critics. When coming up with the Idea for the Bone Pool, my intention was to create a product that was tough and durable. Due to some manufacturing problems with a previous manufacturer, I had to find another manufacturer that would listen to my needs. The 2007 Pools are made with a different material and a more expensive mold process, which makes them more expensive. I have always had the intention of offering a product that is, what I call “Bed-liner tough”. If you are familiar with pickup trucks, then you know what I mean. As with any product that first comes out on the market, VCR’s, CD players, Plasma TV’s, they are usually expensive when they first come to the market. If you look at what has happened in the energy and oil markets lately, then you can begin to see that everything from manufacturing the plastic, Forming the product and shipping the product has gone up. Lets talk about shipping! The product is over-sized, which makes it expensive to ship, this is one of the reasons why the price is so high on the web. I am currently working on getting the product in the stores to help bring down the cost. The Pools are currently made In Michigan, “Big Three USA”, supporting American jobs in that area. The Bone Pool is not for everyone, but there are people out there that are tired of going down to their local retailer year after year buying the same little blue pool. I am offering the public a choice that didn’t exist until the Bone Pool came out. “The First Play Pool Specifically Designed For Dogs”. It received the “Readers Favorite” Pinnacle Award in Pet Age Magazine in 2006. It didn’t receive “Pet Product Of The Year”. Maybe with the improvements made on the pools it will receive “Pet Product Of The Year” for 2007.


    Ray Palmer, Lead Dog
    One Dog One Bone

  7. After I entered my concerns on this blog, Ray called my business and shipped me FREE 3 new pools. They are much different than the first 3 I purchased that’s for sure. They are molded such that they are ONE piece instead of many, which will in turn take care of the cracking problem. The rest of the issues only time will tell. As a small business owner I do understand how important it is to have good customer service and this would be classified as AWESOME service. So, even if you are hesitate to pay this much for a pool, it might be worth the price, as you know for a fact that One Dog will work with you to fix the issue or replace them.
    Thanks Ray and best of luck!

  8. tompkins square

    It’s not easy to find these plastic pools anymore — especially the larger ones. Most of the online retailers have switched to inflatables.

    Thanks for the links. We’ll probably try these out at our dog park this summer.

  9. I just spent a week doing research and today I went in search of a dog pool – stopped at tractor supply, big lots, walmart – stock tanks are not exactly the right size (too tall) and the hard plastic kiddie pools are not to be found – I did find them online however and their price has gone up into the 100’s (I guess the manufac. have caught on?) – I am tempted to buy 5 onedogonebone pools and then resell them on craigslist to make it worthwhile.

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