Starting An Ebay Business

EbayI received this recent email from James Downey:  “I am just loooking for some mentoring. You seem to have a handle on this biz, and seem to love sharing it. I am seeking some advice. I am trying to start an E-bay….online business. I have a little niche that may help. I deal with protection dogs in schutzhund and have some access to this type of thing. I do dog training but it’s very labor intensive, and people make me want to pull my hair out. I would rather sell, and train my dogs for competetions!!! Not for money. So I have contacted some drop ship places. I do not have a ton of start up $$$. What else would recommend? I see you like the consumable stuff. I do not have much storage right now. “

My Response:  You’re considering selling pet supplies?  Items related to schutzhund and dog training?  I’m not clear from your email but whatever you are considering selling on Ebay, particularly if you’re looking at a drop ship model, make sure that if you do make a sale you have the item in stock and ready to ship.  The fastest way to a bad start selling on Ebay is to take too long shipping products to buyers.  The fastest way to a high feedback rating (which is critical to successful Ebaying) is to “deliver the goods”  — quickly and as advertised.  Tell us more so I can offer more specific advice.

2 responses to “Starting An Ebay Business

  1. Hi,
    We sell on e-bay, have for a few years. Sell what you know, I love china, collect china so thats what I sell. My husband sells camera and electronics since he can fix or service them for sale. If you don’t have room for items then don’t start with goods. Inventory has taken over our home, garage, basement. If you are a dog trainer offer e-books on training, no inventory, you can set up an automatic system to send the link as soon as you receive payment. You just need to take the time to write the books. You may need an editor, an online search may be find one for you or I can recommend someone. No packing, (the packing materials have also taken a lot of space in our home) Have friends or customers rate the training books. Also offer breed and health information, puppy training, house training, I think you could sell a book called “How to teach your dog not to jump on everyone” That’s one I need for my Vizslas. Just look for a topic not already offered, and offer breed specific. Make sure to show all your credentials.
    I don’t know how anyone makes money on drop ship, I see multiple items offered cheap. You have to have unique items.

  2. One thing to watch out for is that you don’t get nickled and dimed to death on Ebay. Remember, Ebay gets paid whether you sell your item or not. And because some pet items have a low profit margin to begin with, you may want to offer a “pack of three” or half a dozen bottles or packs together, assuming you have that many of a particular item you want to sell.

    This way, the economics are more favorable for you as well as the buyer. For instance, let’s say an item costs you $5 and you sell it for $10, earning you a $5 profit on that single items before Ebay takes their cut. If you sell 4 of those items for $9 each, yes, you’ll only make $4 profit on each item but you’ll earn it four times over for a total profit of $16. Plus, you can combine shipping charges, saving the buyer some money, too. So it’s a win-win for everyone. Try and think volume instead of profit per item, unless, of course, you’re selling high profit margin items like cameras or cars.

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