adsensegraphic-5.jpgAs anyone who has read my article on drop shipping pet supplies knows, it’s a double-edged sword that requires care when looking to set up.  The main catch, is you don’t want to start getting orders that require you to eat multiple shipping fees. 

I recently received the following email from Stacey Byrd and decided to post it here:

“I am really enjoying the podcasts that you have and wanted to thank you for doing those!! I like that you are asking the guests what advice they have for start-up companies, both brick and mortar and online. I would like to start an online pet boutique. In listening to Bo Nelson of wholesalepet.com, and the podcast from Great Eastern Pet Supply, I have a question. You make a very good point in that you want the customer to be able to order products that you know your supplier will have in stock (either ebay or online stores)..I am trying to understand the concept of wholesalepet.com..If I order from their site, I won’t know if it is in stock – right? The advantage of wholesalepet.com is that the have smaller manufacturers with unique items and that is exactly what I want. But, I can’t direct the orders to be drop-shipped, can I? I guess I can use the product photos for my webpages. I am just not entirely sure I can trust the concept behind wholesalepet.com as it could work for me as an online retailer needing to have items drop-shipped. Thanks for any help.”


MY RESPONSE:  Wholesalepet.com is NOT a drop ship resource.  What they are is a one stop website that represents products from dozens if not hundreds of boutique manufacturers.  Yes, you would need to purchase actual product from their site and take inventory.  Please note that even though you are buying through the Wholesalepet website, the orders are being shipped by the individual manufacturers so each one will have their own minimums, terms and conditions.  The shipping and fulfillment rates can vary wildly, too, so be careful not to assume that everything will come at the same time.  Or in a timely manner.  I used to order from a company called Nutri-vet on the Wholesalepet.com website and they would take a MONTH to get me the product.  So I had to be sure to order replacement items when I still had a bunch on hand so I wouldn’t run out.  Other companies I’d order from like Retail Pets, I would get the items in two days!  Know your supplier!

So I hope that helps.  Wholesalepet.com is a great place to purchase and view lots of pet supplies all in one place.  But they are not a drop ship resource.  But they do offer a wide selection, great product images and product descriptions you can copy, and helpful suggested retail pricing.


  1. I’m finding it really hard to find just one website with all the pet supplies I want to carry…well, offer at my new website. Is it just me, or is it just harder when you want to find just ONE drop shipper to handle/cover all your needs,(inventory)?

    • Hi Cindy,
      I’m just starting an online eco-friendly dog product business and am currently attempting to establish relationships with drop-ship vendors. It’s been a few years since your post – I’m interested to know what has worked best for you. Thank you.

  2. I’ve attempted three times (twice online and once on phone) in the past two weeks to get setup with the recommended Bradley Caldwell drop shipper (who is located in my state thankfully), but I’ve been thrice time put off. They have the EXACT products I want to carry, but are not being helpful in the least. The other two recommended drop shippers don’t carry the products I need (reptile supplies)…Any other recommendations?

  3. Yes, that’s where I got Bradley Caldwell from. The other 2 web sites listed at that link don’t even deal with Reptile Supplies.

  4. Hello,
    I hope this is acceptable to put into a blog, but Affordable Agility, a large manufacturer of dog agility obstacles, now offers drop shipping. Hopefully this will be of interest to those looking for something unique to offer on their pet website.
    Thank you,
    Pamela, marketing representative

  5. Hi guys, Im from the UK and i’m in a mad search for a reptile product supplier. The main items I want are uv mercury bulbs 160w and also incubators. Can anyone help? Thanks for your time


  6. Thank you for your blog post! It was very informative and helpful! Keep up the good work!

  7. I found a great pet supplies site.

  8. Thank you for this blog. Not only was I able to get helpful info from the blogger but also within the comments page! THANKS SO MUCH!

  9. Is it possible to get a preloaded website with Natures Paws and also add items thru King Wholesale if I set up my own website? I am new to this and am trying to figure out what is the best way to set it up, King has most of the products I want to sell and Natures Paws has some, but for a set fee I could get started right away fully loaded and then build my own site with shopping cart. Any ideas?

    Also, the shipping is paid by the customer right?like in Amazon. How do you compete with the free shipping eSites?

  10. Hello-
    I am new to this also, and am debating which way to go. Either the dropshipping option or the sites such as “petecommerce.com” where it is fully stocked and ready to go. I want to specialize in green/eco-friendly pet supplies and don’t have the first idea how to start this business. Help?

    • Marilyn Bradley

      I could possible help you out here … I am currently doing extremely well with a unique and totally vital pet product eco friendly, to the max. I would be happy to share the concept and the details with you. Can u please email me for details. I am currently making great $$ with this one product alone. I think you will be interested.

      • Hi Marilyn, I just read your post and would be interested in what it is your selling if you wouldn’t mind? im looking to sell pet products from home as an online business. any help would be appreciated. thanks

      • I would like the info

      • I would greatly appreciate that info as well. And if I could use you as a mentor, that would be greatly appreciated as well

      • Cynthia Thompson

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        What is your product? I could put on my web site

      • Hi Marilyn,
        More than a year later, but I just read your post. I’m in the process of starting a green/eco-friendly dog product website and am very interested in what you have to say.

    • Hi Emily,
      I’m attempting to launch the same type of online business. I hope your business is doing well and would love to know what worked for you. Thanks.

  11. what is the best way to deal with the $25 min order and $5 handling on small orders is it best to demand a minimum for ecommerce to satisfy my drop shipper? I cant figure out the pricing?
    Also what is the best way to figure out shipping and handling charges?

  12. Ginny Bove-Grier

    Would you be able to recommend any drop ship wholesale pet suppliers that stock both pet and adult tee shirts?

    Can you recommend a company for web page design?

  13. Ginny,

    Peticious.com is the largest US based drop shipper for pet products. They carry over 75K items in their store.

    I’ve seen pet shirts on their site. Not sure about adult shirts.

    Good luck,

  14. Hello, we offer super unique dog collars at our site, we also offer drop shipping with no added fees, and very low minimums.

  15. qlemley: Try http://www.PetSupplies.name, they’ll set you up with a pet shop for a monthly fee and even take care of all your order processing.

  16. We offer dropshipping anywhere in the world. No minimum order, no dropshipping fees, all orders ship within 24-48 hours. We design our own unique clothing and jewelry items for dogs. Currently, we dropship for nearly 200 companies, including some of the top online stores in the industry. Check us out!

  17. Can anyone recommend a good dropshipper of pet food particularly dog and cat?

  18. I also want to start a online business selling items for pets. I’m in the process of trying to find a good drop shipper. Can someone tell me what I should be looking for from the drop shipper and what I should stay away from when it comes to picking a drop shipper?

  19. Hey James, check out our site. We design clothes, collars, jewelry, etc… for dogs. Currently dropshipping for over 200 websites. Easy to work with and reliable. Based in US.
    Feel free to give us a call or email.

  20. Hi,

    I signed up with Storesonline and a programmer set up my website. Then I signed up with the dripshipper Doba, Storesonline dropped them because of errors and compliants. Now I don’t know what to do. I want to sell, through a dropshipper, healthy dog treats. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Judith, I also recently signed up with StoresOnline and am having trouble finding d,ropshipping resources. Unlike you, I got the less expensive package and designed my own website. All I need is a good dropshipper now. I’m looking at an idea similar to yours–dog and cat treats and toys, but more so on the healthy/natural/holistic/remedy for common problems side of things. Just wondering if you have any suggestions or resources to help me out. And also wondering for any feedback on your success utilizing StoresOnline. Thanks

  21. Hi I want to start an on-line pet business, but I want to be able to use multiple dropshippers. How can I set up a website to do this?

    • Hello, destiny, I see your ad on internet – – Hi I want to start an on-line pet business, but I want to be able to use multiple dropshippers. How can I set up website to do this? Dated Sep, 30, 2009, I would like to do the same, will you tell me how? I will appreciated. So long …Rob

  22. Can anyone tell me a supplier who carries products such as bite sleeves, prong collars, puppy tugs, leashes, handler clothing etc. Basically anything to do with schutzhund and/or police k9’s. All I can find are supplies for pet quality dogs. Need supplies for working dogs. Thanks.

  23. marshall o'brien

    Can anyone suggest a drop shipper or two for eco-friendly/green dog supplies/toys/accessories?

    Thank you very much!

  24. Hi, is there a good dropshipper for quality pet products such as Kong in Canada? I really need one! Thank you!

  25. Nice blog……..I like this site.

  26. I am interested in selling dog and cat clothes, collars, health supplies. We travel in a motor home and would love to do this in RV Parks. Any ideas? Thanks.

  27. Do you offer working dog products: equipment, training aids, supplies?

  28. The mention of Great Eastern Pet Supply has caused bad memories to re-surface. I would suggest to save your energy/time and find another dropshipper. I accepted orders from my customers and tried placing them to be delivered. Great Eastern would not respond back to me after weeks of numerous phone calls and e-mails. My wife also continued to try to contact them with negative results. To this day I still have not heard from them. I would never deal with a company that will not answer there phone or respond back to e-mails. I had to refund my customers money. Talk about embarrassing. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I read bad blogs about the company after I had to learned my lesson the hard way.

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  32. ATTN: Try Simplex.com. They are dropshippers and carry over 60,000 products. I am sure you’ll be happy with what they offer. It is worth your time to check them out…

  33. Hello I”m looking for a dropshipper for Pit bull & K-9 harnesses. Can some one help me with a good dropshppier for working dogs?


    • Did you find one….I am looking for one myself….
      Am signed up with Topdawgpetsupply.com I am testing them by ordering flea meds and so far its taken over two weeks and product is still not here…
      oy….great beg….

  35. I am in Spain but my store is Europe. Is there any reliable pet drop ship suppliers that I could use for this specific area. I see most are based in US and the charges to ship would be too high. Or a good pet wholesaler. I used to use a good one in the UK but they are no longer operating.

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  37. I’m wanting to start selling pet grooming products on Ebay. Thanks for the great information. I am so new at this – but I have sold things before on Ebay – but I’ve never had an online store. Is King Wholesale a good and fair drop shipper? How do I go about connecting with them? Will they allow me to use pictures on my site? Do they have an online catalog? Is there anything else I need to know? I’m mostly interested in Pet Head grooming products because I love them myself – but also want to find ziwipeak dog food or Stella and Chewy’s dog food in a drop shipping company – things my own puppy loves. Do you have any information on these companies?

  38. My company is called D&L Wholesale, INC here in Hawaii. I am very interested in becoming a wholesale pet supplier. Please contact me at darrylishii@yahoo.com

  39. Thinking of buying an existing small online pet supply business that utilizes drop shipping to coincide with my existing site http://www.dogful.com. What are the pitfalls I should look into as part of my due diligence? You advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  40. Hello! I am looking to sell eco- friendly dog products. Do you know of any wholesalers that specialize in that? Thanks!

  41. I would like to start a pet food business online in Australia. I am looking for a supplier to do our drop shipping. Is thete any way you can asist me?

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  44. Betsey Marvelous

    Try http://www.pure-ecommerce.com for assistance with drop ship vendors, my friend used them for her pet site and has loads of sales

    • Hi Betsy,
      I’d love to check out your friend’s website – would you mind sharing her web address? Thank you!

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    must be pay a visit this web site and be up to date everyday.

  46. we use http://www.thegemcart.com (free shopping cart) and if you need a live data feed, they update your store nightly with it for a monthly charge. It includes pictures and product data. I know that they have Bradley Caldwell pet products and also Green Supply (all hunting camping stuff). Its a great system and we have used it for about a year now without a hitch. Nightly updates of products and images, saves time and issues with out of stocks, etc. Hope this helps

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  55. Hi we drop ship dog treats that we bake. Sign up for wholesale account. No minimum orders. http://situpdoggy.com

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