In the second part of our series on using email marketing to grow your pet business, no discussion would be complete without talking about the use of email autoresponders.  Briefly, email autoresponders are automated messages that get sent to a person when they fill out and submit an online form or sign-up box. 

I’m sure at some point you’ve shopped for something online and got an automated receipt.  Or you filled out a sign-up form and got back an instant message that thanked you for signing up?  In fact, in the email message you received, it probably addressed you by your name.  These are all the powerful features of using autoresponders to build your prospect database and allow you to stay in touch with customers and prospects and effectively grow your pet business.

Here’s a great example of an autoresponder course that I developed for .  People interested in starting a doggie daycare business signup for the 5-part course on how to start a doggie daycare business.  Immediately upon signup they get a welcome email and part one of the course.  Then, over several days, they continue receiving the course.  You, as the publisher, have the ability to send one every day for a week or one every three days for a month, or once a month for a year.  Whatever you choose.  And here’s the point of it all:  each part of the course gives great, in-depth information about starting a doggie daycare business while also making an offer at the end of each email to purchase the instructional DVD on this and related topics.

WHAT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND:  Using autoresponders is the best form of relationship marketing.  You are sharing your knowledge and expertise with people who want to learn more — from YOU!  Teach them and help them and you’ll soon turn strangers into prospects into customers. 

Let’s say you’re a pet sitter.  Set up an autoresponder on your website about preparing to leave your pet with a sitter while on vacation.    Make it a three part series.  Discuss what to expect and how to prepare when leaving them in a kennel as the first part.  Second part, write about what to expect and how to prepare to have a pet sitter come to their home.  Third, write about how to take the pet with you in a car, plane or train.  You get the idea. 

It’s important that each article be thorough and informative.  All you need is a single sentence and link at the end that says something like “For more information about booking a pet sitter in your home, visit” .

And the beauty of this whole system is that once you prewrite the articles and set up the autoresponder it keeps marketing your business on autopilot 24/7.

In all the techniques in my kit bag for online marketing and marketing in general, using autoresponders is my favorite one of all.  You put the time and effort in upfront and then it acts like a funnel bringing interested customers right to your inbox!

If you have any questions, please add them in the comments link below.

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