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For those of you that have a website for your pet business, congratulations, you’ve taken the right steps to help grow your business.  In and of itself however, a website will only contribute to your growth if it is able to attract enough prospects who are looking for what you are offering and then be able to convert them into paying customers.  Converting prospects into customers is a complete numbers game whether you’re cold calling on the phone, mailing postcards, sending emails or using your website.  The simple fact is this:  if 100 prospects turn into 1 customer, than 1,000 prospects will turn into 10 customers.

Consider your website like a fishing net.  The more schools of fish that pass into your net, the more you can expect to catch.  This article will show you a 100% free way to attract additional visitors to your website.  What they do once they get there, however, is up to you (see our article on the effective use of Autoresponders).

This is where the PetLinkExchange comes in.  PetLinkExchange is a free banner ad program where you place a banner ad on your site and, in exchange, get your own banner displayed on other sites.  The ratio for the free service is 2 to 1, meaning for every two displays of a banner ad on your site, your banner ad gets displayed one time on another pet-related site.

 And if you need help creating a professional looking banner ad, don’t fret.  Check out  It’s 100% free with an easy point and click interface, making animated banners a snap.

While there are several other banner exchange networks out there, PetLinkExchange is one of the only banner exchange programs dedicated to pets, so you know your ad will be appearing in front of an interested audience.

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