If you’re a pet sitter, dog walker or doggie daycare business then you already have the trust of your existing clients, right? 

As any business owner will tell you, gaining new clients is how you grow your business.  But what about maximizing the value of your existing clients?  Your clients already trust you to take care of Fluffy and Fido, so why not capitalize on this trust by upselling them pet foods that you recommend? 

There are several pet food opportunities out there that you can easily add to your existing business.  But before we name names, let me briefly explain a dirty little word that you may have heard from time to time that’s actually not as bad as you may think:  network marketing.

Network marketing, commonly called Multi Level Marketing (MLM), involves not only selling a particular product or line of products (think Amway) but recruiting others to sell the same products and you get a percentage of what they sell.  If you build a “downline” of salespeople under you, you get a percentage of their commission.  It’s an effective way to earn an income by basically recruiting and training others to do what you do. 

What does this have to do with pet food you ask?

For ten years I have been a sales rep for Flint River Ranch pet food.  Now, while I can recruit others to sell the food and profit from their efforts, I focused more on selling the actual food and feeding it to my own dogs.  I get paid a commission based on a sliding scale on the total volume I sell a month.  And that includes the food I buy for my own pets!  So I’m basically getting cash back for feeding my own dogs a Super Premium dog food that was rated as one of the Top Dry Dog Foods by the Whole Dog Journal!

While I’m first-hand familiar with Flint River Ranch, another dog food line that is equally top notch is the Healthy Pet Net opportunity which you can read about here.  Because the key to success is to really believe in the product.  It comes across in everything you communicate, especially if you “walk the walk” and feed it to your own dogs like I do.

For more info on becoming a Flint River Ranch sales associate, check out the application page here.

7 responses to “SELLING PET FOOD

  1. Question? I would like to make doggy treats and sell them in the retail store I work at. What laws do I need to follow or where do i start?

    thank you, Nancy

  2. Just A BIG word of caution! I spent 2 years with Healthy Pet Net. Was very clear I planned on marketing through my website as well as to my clients.

    The Healthy Pet Net gives you credit for the sale ONLY if the person orders at the initial click to your replicator site (which you pay for monthly).

    If they close the page and re-open or go back later… TOO BAD FOR YOU. You lose the sale.

    Two years of losing sales, time, money, blogging articles, marketing articles etc.

    And Healthy Pet Net throws their hands up and acts “dumb like a fox” when you figure it out and question them. Much different authority on it than when they sign you up and tell you YES, you we are set up for sophisticated internet marketing.

    Find another opportunity! Seriously.

    • u should of set up a splash page to capture email then u had a better chance to sign up with u i agree on most companiesu get by passed but ive only experianced a small percentage

  3. Brad Pickard

    me and my grandfather were just speaking of making homemade cat food thatwe feed to our cats and selling it. Are there any restrictions that we need to follow and can you list some steps for us to start off our buisness

  4. Thea Vermaas

    I lost my job. I thought of buying and then selling pet food from home. Please can you advise me were can i make a start. Please i need to do something very urgent. My phone num is 0769395548. And im staying in krugersdorp.


    I believe this website contains very fantastic composed subject material articles.

  6. i have two german sheperds i saw this opportunity years back i see it is still going cool i check it out more i am in the beef jerky biz and they have turky jerky for pets if u maintain a two bag autoship of $13.97 monthly includes shipping u get a free biz with it down 7 levels and a free referral website to sign up others soon after geetin in 7 they dont charge u anymore then u can say u get paid to eat jerky and your dog beyond the 7 u earn a check
    info at 40 kinds to choose from jeff d here

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