Has feeding your dog or cat with a clean bowl become such a huge challenge that the world needed to invent a disposable pet bowl? 

Bamboo BowlsThe folks at Bamboo Pet (a division of Munchkin, inc.) apparently think so.

In what must have been a huge hit at the weekly marketing brainstorming meeting I can only imagine that it went something like this: “Let’s invent a pet bowl with a disposable insert inside so we can sell them the bowl and then keep selling them the inserts!”

While the founding fathers at Schick and Gillette must have been applauding in their graves I ask you from a consumer standpoint:  Is it really such a terrible hassle to “WASH” your dog’s bowl inbetween meals?  I don’t mean to rain on the parade of the folks at Bamboo, but what’s wrong with using the DISHWASHER?  Aren’t there enough disposable products in the world already?  And while the Bamboo inserts are recyclable, you know a certain percentage will find there way into already crowded land fills anyway.

I personally don’t use a “dog” bowl for either of my two dogs.  I use regular “people” bowls and just stick them in the dishwasher along with all the other dirty dishes.  At 200 degrees F, all the dishes are pretty much perfectly cleaned if not sterilized.  And even if you prefer using a personalized dog bowl with “Fido Ate Here” printed on the side or the quintessential paw print design, almost any dog bowl worth it’s weight in kibble is machine washable!

And alas, if for some bizarre reason you don’t own a dishwasher or (gasp) your dog bowl isn’t machine washable, there’s always the primitive yet highly effective way to clean your dog or cat’s bowl.  It’s called a “SPONGE” with “SOAP” and “HOT WATER”.


  1. Well, if you have someone taking care of your FIVE cats for 10-14 days because you need to go out of town…then these bowls are WORTH IT for the consideration of the person taking care of your pets. Other than that….I wash my specially purchased ceramic dishes for my five children…

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