NexPetIf you’re a pet retailer than you should know about NexPet. NexPet is a pet store association, or co-op, of over 400 medium-sized independent pet stores that have banded together to get big store buying power and discounts.

But what I especially like about this co-op concept is the marketing and pet store employee training program that they provide for their members.  Yes, they are able to pool their buying power to get discounts from manufacturers and distributors.  But more than that, they enable the independent pet store owner with the resources to train and retain employees and create a better retail experience for their customers.

As the owner of my own small business, I know how hard it can be to manage all the day to day tasks and still have the time and foresight to invest in your own business by investing in your employees. 

NexPet makes it easy by providing edicational materials and, more importantly, methods of quantifying the training and education of employees so you can gauge the results in black and white.  They create a system that any independent pet retailer can plug into.  It’s almost like a franchise concept without having to share your profits! 

I, for one, know that when I’m shopping, whether it’s for pet supplies or consumer electronics, that an educated employee is MY best route to a satisfied purchase.


  1. Pet store owners in the Western states (USA) may want to know that NexPet does now have member stores in that part of the country. In fact since 2006 about 10% of our member stores have been located in the West. If you are attending either the SuperZoo show in Las Vegas in September or the Backer show in Chicago in October you can either attend my seminar “Joining a Co-op in Today’s Pet Industry” or visit me and the NexPet staff on our booth at either show–or both!

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