PetPro Group Offers Petrepreneuers A Home


PetProPetProI’ve been a member of the PetPro Yahoo! Group for over a year now and I’ve always found it to be a helpful and resourceful place for those people who either want to start a pet business or grow their existing business.  Sound familiar?

While this blog and it’s companion website mirrors that philosophy, the PetPro Group has over 525 registered members.  Each day (as with all Yahoo! Groups), the Group sends out an email distillation of all the posts for the day which keeps people engaged in the subjects being discussed. 

And according to Stacy Hansen, the PetPro moderator, “Everyone acts very professional”, which I can tell you from moderating my own forums, notably the DOG BYTES forum on Delphi, is quite an accomplishment to keep the peace and keep discussions on track and moving along.

If you’d like to hear more about the PetPro forum and get some good insight into marketing your own pet business, please listen to our recent podcast interview with Stacy Hansen recorded in mid-September.

See you on PetPro!

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