Launches New Service

petecommerce-logo.jpgIf you’ve ever considered selling pet supplies online but weren’t sure where to start you may find our recent podcast interview with CEO & Founder, Joey Pomeranke of the new start-up, very interesting.

The idea behind PetEcommerce is to allow brick and mortar pet stores to add over 15,000 pet supplies to a branded, customized website that you create using user-friendly online tools that PetEcommerce provides, and have PetEcommerce handle all the picking, packing and shipping for a flat monthly fee of $50.

The thing that I found most interesting from interviewing Mr. Pomeranke, is that ANYONE, not just established retailers, can open up their own, fully-stocked online petstore and be selling pet supplies the next day!  That’s assuming you pony up the $50 a month.

This presents tremendous opportunities for pet groomers, pet sitters, doggie daycare facilities, etc, to jump into the growing pet supply business with only a $50 a month commitment!  And there are no long term contracts or commitments.  And believe me, as someone who ran an ecommerce pet supply site for 10 years, paying someone $50 a month to entirely run the backend of the business is waaaay worth it.

Commissions are 25% of the manufacturer’s list price of the item and PetEcommerce claims that they’re not making money off the pet supplies themselves but off the $50 a month fees they charge for the service.  This is key, because in the highly competitive world of selling pet supplies online, pricing is cut throat.  One of the reasons I sold my Lucy The Wonder Dog business earlier this year after running it for more than 10 years was due to the insane pricing wars that constantly rage throughout the Internet.  And that’s not including selling on Ebay.  So while it’s a great time to be a consumer, retailers need to have strong stomachs.

Since pet supplies only average 20 – 40% margins on most items, knowing that PetEcommerce isn’t taking a percentage of already slim profit margins is reassuring.

Please note:  Even though the company makes it easy and affordable to set up your fully-stocked pet store, you’ll still need to market your business and drive traffic to your own site.  Don’t think that by simply setting up your store you’ll be in business or make any sales.  Read our article “How to Double Your Online Business Without Spending Another Dime On Advertising”.


This is why I think that people already involved in the pet business have a huge advantage.  You already have a customer base.  You already have business cards, brochures, contracts, invoices, etc.  You can add your pet store domain name to your existing materials or send postcards or other methods of announcements to let your customers know about the convenience of shopping in your onlione store. 

It’s always easier to do additional business with existing customers (assuming they’re happy with your current services) than to bring in new ones!  Opening a PetEcommerce online store could be the additional revenue stream you’ve been looking for.

5 responses to “ Launches New Service

  1. Update On PetEcommerce: I signed up for a site to try it out. Long story short: aside from the fact there were bugs in the system and my site wasn’t available for almost a week, when I did get into it, it turns out they do not have a speck of instructions or directions. Yes, they give you the site and the templates to work with and yes, the customer service was fairly attentive and responsive, but trying to figure out how to add products, catagories and pages was very unclear — and I develop websites for a living! While I could have figured it out, I simply did not have the time, so I cancelled my account. While I still think the concept is a good one, I would suggest waiting until the service is out of Beta and wait until they provide documentation, which they told me they’re working on. -gene

  2. I wanted to leave a comment about this company. I have been trying to sign up since first reading your post on them and to this day I have yet to get anything more then the application. I have requested to speak to a live person, I have requested some questions be answered and still to this day no contact. Not even a return email. Not to mention I cannot find a phone number anywhere, im guessing until they have your money they dont give out that info. But its a very poor way to run a business, the customer service with this company for those of us trying to sign up but get a bit more info before we just hand out our credit card info over email. Sorry I had to vent…I was looking forward to signing up with them, but not im pretty uneasy about the whole process. I bet they wouldn’t have a hard time billing my card on time, but retuning inquiries …. not so rapid.

  3. I also couldn’t reach any real people. Not sure what the deal is here… Big problems.

  4. Hi, I’d like to start up online pet supplies business.
    Please send a catalog or price list.
    Thank you: Tamazi Kobin

  5. I would like to speak to someone regarding possibly adding a equine division to your company. I currently own a animal cremation business in eastern IA and would like to start a pet supply.

    Please contact me at 563-357-0067

    Thank you for your time

    Kay Stevens

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