Sherpa BagsJust received this from the folks at Sherpa Pets.  The gist of it, is that if you’re not doing at least $15,000 a year in drop shipping with them, they no longer want your business. Read on: 

Good Morning ,  Effective DECEMBER 1ST 2007 we will be making the below  changes to our drop ship program.  We  are  requiring that all these new terms are met and unfortunately there will be no exceptions.  

ORDERING:  Orders placed for  Sherpa products  must be received in one of two ways:

1.       EDI ( electronic data interchange)

2.       Our new online operating system will allow you to enter an order electronically.  Please visit our website for instructions.

PAYMENT:  Unless other arrangements have been made, all payments will require a company credit card that we will charge every 2-4 weeks through the end of 2007 and a statement reconciling the charges to your orders will be provided. At some point early in 2008, our system will automate this procedure. We will reserve the right to cancel this program with one instance of a denied credit card.

DOCUMENTATION:  Only shipping  documentation that can be automatically generated from our operating system electronically will be available.   

MINIMUM SALES:   Annual billing of $15,000.  

RETAILERS WITH DROP SHIP PROGRAMS:  Over time , more and more establishments that are primarily retail shops have added a drop ship program. Only establishments that are 100% drop ship and not also brick/mortar retailers qualify. I realize there are some major changes here and not all of our current drop ship companies will be able to meet these terms.  These changes were necessary in order for us to live up to our  commitment  to having top rate service and support of our customers and our consumers. For those drop ship businesses that cannot meet these requirement , we want to thank you for the business.   Thanks and I wish all of you a happy and successful Thanksgiving .  

Bob Flynn
VP Sales, The Sherpa Pet GroupEmail : 


  1. Sherpa Pet Products have a great selection. I can understand why they implemented the minimum.

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